Costa de Caparica, 2008

The presence of the sea, being the main factor of attraction of people to this village, was also a recurrent source of destruction.The lands occupied during the summer years, when the tides are not so powerful, became a place of permanent settlement. This was the case of the campings that appeared in the end of 1950’s and beginning of the 1960’s at the north side of the village. This is not independent of the inauguration of the bridge over the river Tejo in 1966. After that, the beach of Costa de Caparica evolved to a major spot for the people looking for the vast sand area along the coast. As a response to protect the settlements and in an effort to retain the sands, between 1966 and 1968, vast jetties were created. However, besides the reinforcement thus created, during the winter tides they were not able to prevent the destruction of the human structures created in the meantime.


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